A dog works on a food puzzle and the words #SDTdaily10 enrichment challenge.

#SDTdaily10 Enrichment Challenge

We love enrichment here at Smiles Dog Training! Enrichment is the concept of improving your pet’s experience in a way that is valuable to them. Quarantine has shown us just how difficult it is to be stuck with limited options, so we are starting an enrichment challenge for our clients and followers. We’ll be posting ideas and sharing tips on how to level up enrichment too!

The goal:
Develop the habit of giving your dog (or cat!) daily enrichment – starting with 10 minutes a day.

To participate:
1 – Comment below #SDTDaily10
2 – Put 10 minutes a day on your calendar (at any time) – for your dog’s well-being!
3 – Keep me posted by tagging @smilesdogtraining on social media and using the hashtag #SDTdaily10 so we can hold each other accountable for improving our pet’s lives every day!



Enrichment Ideas to Try with Your Pup

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