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Smiles Dog Training

We are committed to providing the best training to pet parents in the Phoenix Metro area, one pet family at a time. 

white female wearing blue shirt, jeans, sneakers and a treat bag, holding a leash as she walks with a grey and white pit bull towards camera in a white room
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We specialize in:

  • dogs that pull, lunge, or bark on leash
  • growing families with dogs and children
  • multi-dog household conflict
  • shy, fearful, and aggressive behavior
  • dogs recently adopted from shelters
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Build a Better relationship
through training

Smiles Dog Training focuses on helping you better understand your dog and how enrichment and training can pave the path to a happy relationship!

white female with brown hair sitting at a table with a coffee cup in her hands, wearing a gray t-shirt
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Certified professional trainer and behavior specialist Sara Miles is helping pet parents in Phoenix and beyond, one family at a time! Recommended by veterinarians around the Phoenix metro area. 

We learned some easy ways to get Stella to do what we wanted her to do!  She now walks on her leash (no pulling or tying me up) perfectly! She sits, lays down, comes, and is learning to stay!
A white dog laying in the grass with its tongue out, participating in training for dogs.
Elsje S.

Happy Dogs. Happy People.

Your dog deserves the best in training, safe and kind methods to teach them what TO DO in our human world.