Kitten sleeping with the words "Pet Loss Resources"

Pet Loss Resources

White cat with calico coloring on face and blue eyes looks at the camera.

This week I lost my cat, Lola, of seventeen years. She passed away at home with me, expected in some ways due to her age but the grief is still great and I will be taking some time off to process my loss. In the meantime, I wanted to pull together some resources for pet parents that go through this difficult process – it is true grief and I want to give space for pet parents to feel it for what it is and have support.  Thank you for your understanding.


Why We Need to Take Pet Loss Seriously (Scientific American) 

Four Steps to Take After Experiencing Pet Loss (Psychology Today)

The Death of a Pet Can Hurt as Much as the Loss of a Relative (The Washington Post)


Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement – online support groups and other resources

End of Life Care Services at AZ Humane Society

Memorial & Tribute Gifts from AZ Humane Society 

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