Chocolate lab running at the camera on grass, with the words "ditch the doggie door"

Four Reasons to Ditch the Doggie Door

The concept of pets going in and out of the house as they please has been around for hundreds of years. But as the way we live with and interact with our pets changes, so should our expectations and plans for the safety and management of our pets. Here are four reasons you should ditch the doggie door – or skip it in the first place!

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1) Critters inside and out!

Phoenix is home to a wide variety of dangerous animals that might wander into your yard while your dog is unsupervised.  Rattlesnakes, poisonous toads, bobcats, coyotes, scorpions, and spiders all pose a threat to an outdoor dog.  While rattlesnake avoidance training is offered throughout the valley (read why I recommend against the traditional version of this training here!) – there is no better prevention than supervision. And unless you have an auto-locking doggie door with a collar sensor on your pet, you’ve got an open door to any cat, skunk, and squirrel looking for a cozy place to rest!

2) Is your pet sick?

A pet’s elimination schedule can be one of the first clues to whether your pet is feeling under the weather. Urinating more or less frequently, straining to eliminate and runny or bloody stool all tell a story of potential health concerns.  Being in the know about your pet’s elimination habits can keep your pet healthy and your vet bills low.

3) Behavior problems.

Time unsupervised in the backyard can lead to a whole host of problems.  Digging is a natural behavior dogs use to entertain themselves, explore, hunt, and cool off.  Barking is a great way to tell people and dogs that walk by to stay away. Chewing down plants because they are tasty and chewy (and potentially poisonous!) can result in some serious landscape woes and vet bills galore. Unsupervised time also gives your dog plenty of time to hunt for the quickest way out of your yard to roam the neighborhood.

4) Don’t let your dog get stolen!

Unattended dogs get pulled out of their yards all the time by people with bad intentions.

With proper planning and training, your dog can learn how to hang out at home inside while you’re out. Not sure how your dog will get through long workdays? Contact me today for help!

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