How to Make Extra Money Helping Pets

How to Make Extra Money Helping Pets

I am a companion animal trainer (I work with dogs and cats!). I spend most of my days visiting people at home and troubleshooting their pet troubles. This is my dream job, and I just wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Signing up to become a PawTree Pro was just the right addition to my services – a way to make extra money helping pets while having a treasure trove of pet products I love organized all in one place!

Worried you don’t know enough about animals to do this yourself? PawTree has you covered. Their training materials are vast and since you always have other pawTree pros as resources, you can be sure to get help from someone that has direct experience with animals just like me! The important thing to remember is that you have a passion for helping animals, and pawTree is a great way to do that.

Top 5 reasons WHY I love PawTree:
    1. The products are top shelf. I use plenty of them with my own pets, and I love the company’s commitment to using all natural ingredients and being totally transparent about it.
    2. Referring customers is so easy! While I definitely love making personal product recommendations to my clients based on their needs, PawTree also offers customized recommendations through the search function or after your customer completes a Pet Profile! 
    3. The my Pawbox is super adorable! What a fun way to receive the items you need, and it even comes with fun recipes to spice up your pet’s diet!
    4. The ease of being a Pet Pro.  While PawTree definitely encourages their representatives to sell and open the selling opportunity up to others, there is no product commitment or sales quota to stay active.  You can start off slow if that’s what you want, though they do offer some fun bonuses to those that start off running!
    5. Aside from the side hustle income, Pawtree does plenty of promotions and incentives to give Pet Pros and customers the opportunity to get fun little extras like free products and extra goodies.  It’s just a fun experience all around!

Think you’re ready to make extra money helping pets?  Visit my pawTree site to get started!  Have a few more questions? Feel free to email me!!

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