Virtual (online) consultations are a great way to get training and behavior help for your pet quickly!

As a new client, you’ll start off with a live video consultation lasting 60 minutes. During this consultation, we will discuss your pet’s history and environment as well as your concerns and goals with training. After we’ve discussed the details, I will create a management and training plan to address your needs. Follow up support includes access to a library of handouts, additional live online sessions (30 or 60 minutes), and other resources to help you on your training journey!  Contact me today to get scheduled!


How can you help my pet without being here in person?

While it may seem necessary for me to be working with your pet directly, you will see faster and more successful results if YOU understand how to train your pet to do what you want when you want. (A little training secret…you are already doing this every day whether you mean to or not! You just need my guidance to make sure it’s going the way you want.)

What do I need to have for an online consultation/session?

Online training is done remotely via live video. You will need access to a computer device with a camera and microphone, reliable internet, and one of the following (all available as free downloads):

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts

You will also want to have some yummy treats for your pet and a quiet place in your home to complete the consultation.

What kind of behavior can you help with through an online consultation/session?

Online sessions work well for any kind of dog (or other pet) behavior or training need.

Do I have to live in Arizona to get your help with training?

Nope! Online consultations and sessions make it possible for me to work with you even if you live out of my service area, in another state, or even on another continent.