Using Your Training Package

Thank you for purchasing a training package with Smiles Dog Training. This page was developed to help you get the most out of your training package, scroll down for more info:

  • Why Our Services are Packaged

    We know people are sometimes surprised that we don’t offer individual sessions for purchase to kick off training, and we like to be transparent about why. Dog training is a lot like fitness training – it takes time and effort to get the results you want. When we first started working with clients, we offered individual sessions and ended up working with most clients for at least four sessions anyway (at their request!). The clients that only wanted a single in-person session were looking for that “magic pill”, and that’s just not what we offer (or what any reputable trainer should offer).   We want to provide a training experience that is successful and long-lasting, and we build our services to provide just that!

  • What Your Package Includes

    Each Advanced Training Package includes the following: 5 in-person sessions (50-60 minutes), 4 Zoom support sessions (30 minutes), a training starter kit of supplies, a personalized Client folder on Google Drive, and email support for six months.

  • How To Use Your Package

    Most of the time, scheduling in-person sessions every other week and supplementing with a Zoom support session in between is the best way to use your package. This gives you time to complete your homework and meet with me online to discuss advancing in-progress skills before adding anything new. For example, if we work on teaching your pup "go to place" during an in-person session, we can use an online support session to build duration and distance before meeting again in-person. Sometimes, due to timeliness or safety, I may recommend that we schedule more regularly or more sparingly. If this is the case I will let you know directly at the start of your package.

  • Scheduling support sessions

    Online support sessions are great for asking questions that come up during practice, troubleshooting homework obstacles, and addressing changes in behavior or environment as soon as they pop up. You can start scheduling them here:

  • Training Starter Kit

    Your training starter kit is customized to your needs, and will be delivered during one of your initial in-person sessions.

  • Personalized Client Folder

    Your Client folder will contain all support materials and will be where you share videos of training progress and medical records with me. You will have access to your Client folder for 365 days after your last session. I review video uploads within 24 hours of our next appointment to prepare for the session. If you upload videos between sessions and need me to review them quickly, send me an email to let me know they are there and I will take a look when I am available to do so.

  • Email Support

    Email support is ideal for sending over a quick question or sharing a highlight from your training progress. If any emails require lengthy response, demo, or discussion I may recommend addressing the question when we meet again.

  • Rescheduling Appointments

    If you need to reschedule an appointment, please give us at least 72 hours notice so we can change the schedule accordingly. In-person appointments are booked based on trainer availability and location. When rescheduling, please understand that we service a large area and may not be able to accommodate all requests. We understand that emergencies arise and will do our best to make rescheduling requests work within reason. Zoom support sessions can be rescheduled by visiting the calendar, cancelling the appointment and choosing a different time. We have a limited number of hours open for support sessions based on the number of clients we are currently working with, and multiple cancellations/reschedules result in other clients losing out on the opportunity to schedule their support sessions. If a cancellation is done with less than 48 hours notice, the session may be forfeited.

  • Refunds & Expiration

    We are happy to provide refunds to clients who cancel their prepaid lessons at least 48 hours in advance of their next appointment. Each refund will have a $10 processing fee applied. Since training and behavior modification success is dependent on owner commitment to training and management, we are unable to provide refunds for any services and materials already provided.   Each package purchase is a reservation of my professional skill and time, and has an expiration date to reflect the time commitment we have both agreed to for training while allowing for plenty of time to complete the package (within four months of purchase). If your package expires and you have unused services, we will do our best to credit those services as our schedule allows but are unable to give any refunds after the expiration date.

  • thank you

    As a small business, we appreciate your understanding and support of all of our policies!

Covid19 service update

Since the virus spreads most consistently in indoor spaces, all in-person appointments will need to take place outside. Options for appointments:

  • If you live in our service area and your backyard has direct access (not through the house), we can hold the appointment in your backyard.
  • Front yards are also an option, though distractions are often higher so keep that in mind.
  • We can also meet at a local park. We have identified several parks in our service area that allow for training sessions to take place with medium level distractions and plenty of shade.
  • We will not at any point be entering houses for any indoor behaviors that need work, we can go over technique while outside and use technology (via Zoom or video-sharing) to tackle these behaviors in real-time.

Masks are required for all clients for all in-person appointments. If we arrive at an appointment and you do not have a mask or an accessible outdoor space for the appointment, we will need to reschedule and a $50 fee will be applied.