Client Benefits

We love our Smiles Dog Training family – that includes all of you! We’ve organized all of the additional benefits you gain as our client on this page for easy access. 

Group class practice

Join us on Sunday mornings for a chance to practice your skills around other students and get trainer feedback in real time. Sign up for one or as many as you want!

Advanced Pet Dog Ambassador is for any dog that has completed basic skills training.

Advanced Reactive Rover is for dogs who have worked on a training plan for leash reactivity. 

Zoom sessions

Life is unpredictable! Grab a zoom session with me to discuss any obstacles to training success, ask questions, and strategize next steps for training.

Covid19 service update

Since the virus spreads most consistently in indoor spaces, all in-person appointments will need to take place outside. Options for appointments:

  • If you live in our service area and your backyard has direct access (not through the house), we can hold the appointment in your backyard.
  • Front yards are also an option, though distractions are often higher so keep that in mind.
  • We can also meet at a local park. We have identified several parks in our service area that allow for training sessions to take place with medium level distractions and plenty of shade.
  • We will not at any point be entering houses for any indoor behaviors that need work, we can go over technique while outside and use technology (via Zoom or video-sharing) to tackle these behaviors in real-time.

Masks are required for all clients for all in-person appointments. If we arrive at an appointment and you do not have a mask or an accessible outdoor space for the appointment, we will need to reschedule and a $50 fee will be applied.