resources for cat people photo tuxedo catThe training products on this page are the most common items I recommend to my clients and shelters/rescues when working through training or behavior issues. Most of the links will take you to Amazon directly so you can shop easily for each item. You can also find most of these items at your local pet store. I use and love all of these products!

I do use affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you Amazon pays me a little bit for my product referral. 

Treat Bag – When training cats (or other animals), it is very helpful to pair treats with desired behaviors. (Yes, we use treats. Find out why here!) Clients often use a Ziploc bag or small container for the treats during the first appointment, but find it very helpful to get a treat bag like mine for training.

Clicker – A clicker is a tool used to mark a behavior. I find the clicker helpful in some cases, and unnecessary in others. If I haven’t introduced it yet during our work, don’t be afraid to ask about it!

Treats – Pairing treats with training can help a cat learn new things quickly in safe environments and encourage a cat to learn in scary environments as well. Treats exist on a spectrum of value, and your cat decides what is most valuable! 

Food Puzzles – Food puzzles are a great way to feed your cat one of their meals every day. It provides mental stimulation and extended entertainment from the thrill of “the hunt.”

Feliway – A lot of cats experience behavior issues due to stress. Feliway is a pheromone diffuser that is used to fill the environment with calming scents to help your cat relax.