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Dog Lovers Club is a carefully moderated community on Clubhouse, curated to bring you experts on all things dog! We want to make it easy for our followers to connect with our experts even after a room has closed so we’re highlighting them here! 

Laura nativo, trainer & pet lifestyle expert

Laura is a dog trainer, entrepreneur, sometimes tv personality, & proud mom to celebrity dog movie stars, Penelope Supafly & Delilah Jane Sassafras!

Laura is the founder of Nativo Pet Family, and creator of NumNums training treats. She is passionate about positive-reinforcement training to support the human-canine connection, & especially loves clicker training advanced skills for tv/film, therapy and service dogs. 

You may have seen her on CBS’ Greatest American Dog, GSN’s Dog Park Superstars, Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family… and she just wrapped hosting a new tv series, Dog Masters, that’s coming soon!

Find her on Clubhouse: @dogtrainer 

Christine young, puppy trainer & recall expert

Christine is a super connector and having a blast curating the Dog Lovers Club with Laura.

Christine is the founder of The Puppy Care Company. She has been in the Pet and Equine Industry for 20+ years. She is passionate about education for new dog owners before and after they choose a Puppy or Rescue. She specializes in RECALL training so that every dog can learn to COME when called the first time… and every time!

Pekoe is her 5 year old American Shepherd. He scales to new heights every time they go hiking. Parkour is his favorite activity. Recall is his Super Power!

Find her on Clubhouse: @puppytrainer 

Sara miles, trainer & rescue expert

Sara is the founder of Smiles Dog Training and has over a decade of professional experience working with challenging dogs. 

She specializes in working with fearful, anxious, and aggressive dogs. She got her start in animal sheltering before switching over to training pets and their parents at home to help prevent them from ending up in the shelter. 

She is loved by her two pups, Finn and Tidus, and a human. 

CPDT-KA  |  Fear-Free Certified Trainer  |  Family Paws Licensed Instructor  | IAABC Shelter Affiliate  |  Member of PPG & APDT

Find her on Clubhouse: @saramiles

Felissa Elfenbein, digital marketer & pet lifestyle expert

Felissa has worked as a Digital Marketer in the Pet Industry for 11 years.

Her specialty is Social Media, Influencer, and Affiliate Marketing, focusing on business growth via community building, reputation management, and sales channel expansion.

Find her on Clubhouse: @felissahadas

Renée Erdman, behavior consultant & trainer mentor

Renee is a multi-certified dog trainer and behaviour consultant who specializes in reactivity.

Initially Renee worked in marketing and advertising for 15 years, and now focuses on mentoring other trainers through her group coaching programs and 1-to-1 Mentorships. 

CTC  |  Fear-Free Certified Trainer  |  IAABC Certified Associate  |  CASI Graduate  |  Member of PPG

Find her on Clubhouse: @bravodogtraining